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Recumbent trike and bike riders:

Do you want to keep your feet on the pedals, add power/speed, reduce your fatigue and do so without spending a bundle on clipless pedals and shoes? Well, Heel Slings are what you want.

This simple yet ingenious design allows you to:

– Ride with regular athletic shoes (or sandals if you prefer).

– Pull on the approaching pedal* using your calf muscle (not your shin muscle, like clipless pedals) for less fatigue and more power.

– Eliminates the need to push on the approaching pedal to maintain foot contact which decreases pedaling efficiency.

– Ride safer because it helps keep your feet on the pedals and not under the trike. Large reflectors on the Heel Sling platforms add visibility. Rapidly moving pedal reflectors are VERY visible!

– Quickly and easily lift your feet off the pedals without twisting or turning your foot to disengage the clipless pedal latch.

– Reposition your feet while pedaling for increased comfort. Try that with clipless pedals!

* point your toe slightly and pull with your heel.

However, don’t just take my word for it. Read what Larry Varney, co-editor of “BentRider Online” wrote – see

Well, OK. How much do they cost?

$30.00 + shipping + sales tax for the basic assembly.

If you want to purchase the Heel Sling now, click here:

What do you get?

You get a Heel Sling assembly for each pedal [see photos below] consisting of

1) The cable assembly,

2) The platform that includes the reflector and mounting screws and

3) The wear bar and the cable tie to attach the bar to the pedal.

I ride with sandals or Crocks that have open backs. How can I protect my heel?

If you ride with sandals or other footwear that has an open heel, you will need a heel pad set for $5.00 + S & ST As you can see below, it encapsulates the cables and protects your skin.

If you want to purchase pads now, click here:

How do I install them? [button to show info below]

  1. Remove the reflector on the front of your pedal.
  2. Install the wear bar on the back portion of the pedal frame.
  3. From the top, thread the mushroom ends of the cable assembly through the area between the axel and the rear frame member. Stay inside the supports.
  4. Install the mushroom ends in the platform keyholes.
  5. Install the platform on the pedal using the screws & nuts provided thru the holes that held the reflector and slide the platform up as high as possible to trap the cable mushrooms between the platform and the front pedal frame. Tighten the screws.

note location of cable tie end

cables thru pedal & in platform

pedal w/HEEL SLING installed

How do I adjust them to fit my shoe size? [button]

  1. Turn the screw in each nut so that the flat is parallel to the cable. This will release the cable so that it can slide thru the lock nut.
  2. Position the foot on the pedal so that the ball of the foot is over the pedal axel and slide the outside nut so that the cable loop fits tightly against the back of the heel. The loop should be about half way between the sole and the top of the heel.
  3. Lock the nut to the cable by turning the screw so the flat is not parallel to the cable. Over tightening may damage the cable and make it difficult to slide the cable thru the nut in the future.
  4. Remove your foot from the pedals and adjust the inside nut so that the loop it controls is the same size as the loop formed in step #2. Lock the nut to the cable.
  5. When properly adjusted, your foot should rest [hang] in the sling with the ball of the foot in line with the pedal axel.

with cables loose, position ball of foot over axle

tighten first cable and secure nut to cable

tighten the second cable and secure nut to cable

I have special need because of foot or leg differences. Will the Heel Sling work for me?

Generally, yes they will work. However, to insure that this is true, please contact me at with your specifics. In most cases, I will make custom add on HS parts to meet your needs at no cost. The only request that I have is that you provide me with feedback on how well they meet your needs and work with me to get it right.